Dr. (Prof.) P K M Pillai

I would never know how to express my gratitude for the concern and understanding with which you are treating my diminishing eyesight.

Healthy, active and ambitious as I am even at the age of 76, I was smitten by the rude shock of my fast-declining vision last year, at just the juncture when I was poised to fulfill my life-long dream to focusing on Art Photography and publishing the work! Being a psychologist myself, I look back with admiration and appreciate the sensitivity with which you helped me get to terms with myself while you improved and stabilized the condition of my Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

I feel that with the advent of cyber-technology and super-specializations in medical sciences, the importance of tender loving care (TLC) as an important component of therapy is being overlooked.

I am happy that my relatives and friends who were recommended to for consultation, have the same opinion about you as I do. I am writing to you so that you may develop a conscious awareness of this faculty in you, and promote members of your fraternity to practice the same.

Salim Shaikh

I Salim Shaikh is highly grateful for the kind cooperation extended by your good self in the time of emergency.

I had a corneal melt post LASIK three years back. It required an urgent corneal graft to save my eye which was successfully done by you later followed by full corneal transplant to restore my normal vision.

I really appreciate your dedication to patients and was overwhelmed by your 24x7 availability to the patients in case of such emergencies.

I from bottom of my heart wish you success and may God bless your with achieving new horizons in field of saving visions of human beings.

Pillai Family

Words Can little Express the glow & glitter for have left behind in all our Hearts!

Ever in admiration of your Love & Care, Devotion & Wisdom.