Live Surgical Workshop

The live surgical workshop, which was conducted, to coincide with the centennial celebrations of the Haji Bachooli Eye hospital was unique with a difference. It showcased the triumph of the management of challenging surgical cases.

Accomplished surgeons needed to draw from deep within their surgical reserves to provide holistic refractive and surgical solutions to a spectrum of perplexing surgically challenging cases, like small pupils, hard cataracts, coexisting astigmatism, pseudo exfoliation, post iridocyclitis and others.

To the audience it was a huge learning experience. They went away equipped with new ideas that later changed the way they approached these kind of surgical challenges

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Phaco Challenges

What separates the truly impressive from mere mediocrity in a Phaco surgeon is his ability to face headlong any challenges during surgery and make the seemingly impossible possible. A field fraught with many obvious and unforeseen challenges...

Although technology is widely believed to be the backbone of modern surgical ophthalmology, certain surgical scenarios that beset the surgeon requires a little more. An adequate level of skill supplemented with appropriate technique, technology will salvage the situation.

A unique live surgical workshop focusing on challenging situations in phacoemulsification was performed by very experienced surgeons who explained in detail all the finer points during their surgeries, while the audience watched.

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Phaco Retreat

The phaco retreat was held amidst the lush greenery and serene solitude of the 'Badlapur' farm. The delegates could unwind from the grueling pressures of day-to-day hurdles, breathe deep into the fresh country air and open their minds to receive ophthalmic gyaan.

The retreat dealt with surgical basics, practice oriented advice, quizzes, one to one interaction, weeding out doubts sessions, and management of tough surgical scenarios from the mouth of experts.

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