Clinical Research Trials And Projects

  1. Analysis of the aetiological agents responsible for Microbial Keratitis in Western Maharashtra, a 3 year retrospective study (2005).
  2. Ultrasmart lens study – A study of 100 cases. Evaluation of the behaviour of ultrasmart lens within the eye, its effect on accomodationm eventual vision and incidence of PCO (2006).
  3. Comparison of the efficacy of Moxifloxacin and Gatifloxacin in external eye inections. A 6 month study (2007).
  4. Comparison of the efficacy of Prednisolone acetate (1%) vs Acular LS in the management of post operative inflammation in Phacoemulsification surgery.
  5. Comparison of the outcomes of ultrasmart ILOL vs multifocal IOL.
  6. Virological analysis of the aetiological agents responsible for the epidemic of conjunctivitis in Mumbai in September 2007 ( published article ).
  7. Analysis of patient experiences with topical anaesthesia with respect to pain / discomfort and visual phenomenon and study of 50 cases.
  8. Multicentric study evaluating the efficacy of a 4th generation fluoroquinolone in acute bacterial conjunctivitis.
  9. Studying the learning curve of phacoemulsification in phacotrainees.
  10. In 2009,was the principal investigation of a Phase III study conducted byAllergan, USA, in which we studied the safety and efficacy of gatifloxacin  0.5% in treating bacterial conjunctivitis.
  11. Analysis of  preexisting corneal astigmatism in the cataract patient undergoing Phacoemulsification at our centre.
  12. Analysis of the results of on axis incision, and Limbal corneal relaxing incisions in correcting corneal astigmatism patient undergoing phaco.
  13. Comparision of coaxial microphaco ( 2.2 mm incisions ) v/s routine phacoemulsification surgery ( 2.8 mm incisions ).